LogGroup umweltmanagement



For the world of LogGroup the environmental protection is a specific concern and thus an experienced concept. We and our business partners actively search, test and use environmentally friendly solutions, so long they are proved in practice. The environmental certification of all operative units as well as from our business partners , according to ISO 14001.2004.

Check and test of environmentally friendly fuels and technologies

  • Vehicle fleets with the newest technical stand strengthened EURO 5 and partially, already EURO 6
  • Test of natural gas and rapeseed oil as fuels as well as the exhaust gas reduction agent „Ad Blue“ (Pilotprojekt 2004)
  • Regular intern audits and intern monitoring

Waste avoidance, container reuse and recycling conceps

  • Optimal choice of the mode of transport – also train and inland vessel
  • Hanging transport of textiles saves environmental packaging and treatment steps
  • Recycling solutions und container reuse management